January 28, 2023

11 Business Ideas to Open and Earn Big!

By DENNIS BLACK on Jan 6, 2023

It started in 2022 and your main thought was “I need business ideas to open this year”? We know that, at the beginning of a new year, the desire to make things happen is even more evident, since this time refers a lot to the realization of dreams. The great challenge is to find references so that these ideas get off the ground and become reality.

To help you in this mission, we created a list of some business options to start in 2022. In addition, we brought some tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Don't miss the next topics:

11 Business Ideas to Open

We've prepared an amazing list of 11 business ideas to open in 2022, with good opportunities. Check it out below:

1. Cosmetics

 Personal care is one of the characteristics of Pakis and we are not the ones who say that! According to PSR data, Pak is the fourth largest market in the world when it comes to beauty and well-being. 

This makes this sector an interesting bet for 2022, whether for an online or physical store, which can sell creams, makeup, perfumes, soaps, nail polishes, etc.

Keep an eye on industry trends and offer differentiated products from the competition!

2. Food Delivery

Is being in the kitchen one of your strongest qualities? So why not invest in the culinary industry?

Many people like to order food through apps and even WhatsApp, especially those who work from home. In this sense, food delivery is a promising market, in which businesses in the area can count on many facilities and delivery application options.

3. E-Commerce

How about taking advantage of the success of e-commerce to get your business off the ground?

With a small stock of products, you can open a virtual store on a sales platform and fulfill your customers' orders. There are a multitude of options that you can make available: home items, semi jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc.

4. Electronics and Accessories

Another option among the ideas of companies to open in 2022 could be a trade in electronic products and accessories for computers and notebooks.

With the popularization of remote work, people are increasingly connected to the internet. This makes them look for smartphones, tablets, mice, cell phone holders, notebooks and computer-related articles with high quality for better performance in their daily lives. 

Take advantage of the fact that the home office is here to stay and sell products that optimize the effort of your future customers. 

5. Distance Learning

Distance learning (EAD) businesses are also among the trends for 2022.

If you are a teacher and give tutoring, teach you how to play instruments or understand how to make crafts, use your knowledge as business ideas to start. It is possible to teach from home with little investment, recording the materials even by cell phone.

Students are drawn to teacher content and advertisements on digital media such as YouTube and Instagram. Inform yourself better about the interests of your audience and pass on everything you know!

6. Deductibles

Entrepreneurs opt for franchises for at least two reasons: visibility and consultancy provided by the parent brand.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the safest ways to enter the business world. However, it requires an investment that can be high, depending on the strength of the brand of customers that the franchisor has. Take this into account when choosing!

7. Consultancy

Consultancies are ideal for professionals who are experienced in a particular area and who have a lot to teach.

Among the possibilities are coaching, mentoring and lectures at corporate events. There are also product and service consultants for companies.

8. Info Products

Info products have grown a lot in recent years and have attracted small entrepreneurs due to their practicality and low investment cost.

The possibilities are working as an affiliate, producing digital products such as e-books and infographics, disseminating own content or reselling it to third parties, creating launches for the dissemination of courses, among others.

9. Office Supplies

Office supplies are no longer just in companies but distributed at workstations in employees' homes.

Also boosted by the pandemic, this is a branch on the rise: the sale of home office furniture, such as desks, office chairs and custom furniture.

10. Resale

The reseller is the one who intermediates the purchase between the manufacturer and the consumer

The possibilities of this market are immense and, to begin with, it is not necessary a high investment. Just purchase a specific number of products and, after that, sell them, always remembering to replenish your stock. The catalog can be diverse: perfumery, shoes, lingerie, accessories, etc.

11. Clothing

The clothing sector is immense, as there are clothes for all body types and styles. If the pieces are original and customized, the advantage is even greater.

To maximize profits, you can display the pieces on social media through photos, videos, and interactive content, such as Reels. You will get an excellent result!