January 28, 2023

The Home Office Formula: How to Manage Teams Well

By DENNIS BLACK on Jan 8, 2023

In recent years, several companies have had to adhere to the home office, which has generated new technologies and methodologies for this new work model. However, not all organizations have had good results with this process. So, the question remained: is there a home office formula?

The answer to this question is not so simple, but let's answer it. After all, there are many benefits for those who choose to work from home when hiring employees. The important thing is to be aware of the tips on how to overcome obstacles.

Is There a Home Office Formula for Managing Teams?

Team management is not magic. So if you want a ready-made home office formula that can be used for any business, we're sorry to say that it doesn't exist. However, there are several lessons that can be applied to your company.

First, the entrepreneur must have a suitable working environment. And, yes, communication tools count, because they are a digital work environment. Therefore, double your efforts to maintain a healthy, collaborative and humanized atmosphere in the teams. 

Second, it is important to have good operational tools. It's no use having the most efficient employees in the world if the available work programs are bad.

It is common that many professionals already have the software license that they will use at work. However, you should not expect or demand this, as you risk losing people with high potential. Then distribute the hits.

Third, productivity control must be done. Track your team's results closely. If there are casualties, investigate the reasons and respond accordingly.

Benefits of Having a Home Office Team

There are many advantages to having a team that works from home. These advantages extend to both the entrepreneur and the employees. 

Cost Reduction

The home office formula allows the entrepreneur to reduce investments in office structure, such as renting the place, materials, furniture, electricity bills, etc.

It is also possible to reduce the number of employees hired. After all, you won't need someone responsible for cleaning the office, for example.

In this way, it is easier to offer better salaries to employees or invest in healthier company culture. This will increase the commitment your employees have to their work.

Increased Productivity

As we showed in the topic that opened this list of benefits, the home office formula increases employee productivity. This is probably linked to flexible working hours, location, and methods.

Likewise, employees can decide how to work, are close to their belongings, and operate more smoothly. After all, someone's home is their castle—hence, one of the best places to be and then work.


With the home office, both you and your partners and employees can have flexible hours. Many people are most productive at different times, such as an early morning or late at night. 

It is also possible for employees to handle their own demands if personal commitments arise. If he cannot attend one day, it is possible to make up for it the next without depending on how long the physical office would be open.

Geographic Freedom

Working anywhere is one of the biggest advantages of a home office. Entrepreneurs can hire professionals from all over the world to work on their businesses. Likewise, everyone can use this freedom to work where they feel best.

Want to go to a bakery for coffee while you work? He can. Want to travel and work with your feet in the sand? May also. As long as the demands are up to date, geographic freedom is a win-win.

Quality of Life

Ensuring that your employees don't go through stress like traffic and bad weather is a great attitude. Their quality of life, and even yours, will increase by being able to work from the comfort of your own home.

Tips for Managing Remote Collaborators

It is important to be aware of the tips that we will bring below, as they help to overcome the obstacles that the home office can also bring.

Still, it is important to remember that the home office is just an alternative work methodology. There are companies, employees, and entire sectors that do not adapt to it. So, study the tips below, and the benefits above and compare them with your reality.

If the home office is good for the business, go for it. Otherwise, don't feel frustrated. The important thing is to maintain the well-being of employees and the productivity of the company.

1. Communicate Transparently

Human communication is always subject to problems. I personally sometimes there can be glitches, for computers it can be even worse. Therefore, always be transparent, assertive, and objective, especially in evaluations and submission of demands.

2. Align Expectations

It is important that your employees know what you expect of them. Likewise, a leader must be aware of complaints and doubts that his employees have about the company and team management. So, stay in touch so that your goals and the entire team are in sync.

3. Keep in Touch Daily (But Don't Overdo It)

You or the immediate leaders of each team must maintain daily contact. This stimulates production while promoting closeness between employees as if they were all actually present in the same space.

Showing yourself present and asking how people are doing that day can help a lot. But don't overdo it and don't send messages outside of business hours. These attitudes can stress your team.

4. Send Feedback Regularly

The employee needs to know if he is doing a good job or not. So, regularly send full feedback, talking about positives and negatives. But don't focus on criticism: offer ways in which that work can improve.

Check out an interesting feedback structure:

1.    Start by praising the performance or some decision of your employee.

2.    Say that you noticed deficiencies and what they were.

3.    Comment on the impacts that these deficiencies can have on the company and on your collaborator's own teammates.

4.    Offer suggestions on how he might develop.

5. Strengthen a Relationship of Trust

The impersonality that the digital environment causes can reflect on the trust that your employees establish in you and among them. Use internal marketing methodologies to keep everyone confident and motivated, so your productivity and well-being in the company grow.

6. Use Management Tools

Work organization and professional communication tools are essential to managing the home office. For example, there are Google services, such as Google Meet, which provide optimized digital meeting rooms.